It’s a pleasure to work with The Butler.  I love the way she just gets on with it without any information from me when I’m going through my busy times.  I trust her work, what she does, her willingness and creative streak in her tweets.
Client – Ilkley

The Butler is a fantastic personal assistant!  Her dedication and encouragement in her role enabled and released me to concentrate on the bigger picture of what I do.  She is a thorough and detailed person who is always able to work through a situation or problem.  Whilst working for me she managed many small and large projects engaging the stakeholders at every level. This involved research of many complex areas in the UK and internationally. She also assisted with target marketing for promotion of our events and products. Through the jobs that she encountered she effortlessly remained consistent in whatever came her way.

Client – West Yorkshire

The Butler came recommended to me by a colleague who was pleased with the service provided.  I needed regular posts creating for my social media sites.  The Butler is considered, thoughtful, creative, pro-active and has the initiative to simply get on and do the task in hand – great for someone as busy as myself.
Gavin – Yorkshire

I would recommend The Butler to anyone who needs help with any aspect of running a home or office – especially where multi-tasking is in demand.  Whilst de-cluttering my dressing room, Olivia was also backing-up my BlackBerry!  She has a great eye for design and can offer useful and helpful advice on interiors.  Her attention to detail is impressive;  she always leaves the spaces she has worked in immaculately clean.  She has a rare ability to focus completely on her work.  Always punctual and organised; she works speedily, efficiently and with a strong positive energy.    She is ever-ready to share her broad knowledge and skills; generally able to contribute a fresh view  and angle on matters.  She is good listener an absolutely pleasure to work with – I genuinely look forward to her visits.  As you can see from the above, I can think of no-one I might recommend with more warmth than The Butler.

Client  – Skipton

Olivia has been looking after my Twitter account for about a year and I have found everything she does is to a standard of excellence. She has a great eye for style and seems to know what content I would choose intuitively. She is versatile, dedicated, energetic, motivated, trustworthy and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Elizabeth Lewis – Yorkshire

I was recommended to contact the Butler when I needed to get to grips with social media for my newly launched business. It was a whole new world in which I have been gently coached and educated in. I felt an instant connection with Olivia whose enthusiasm is infectious. She is clearly a talented professional with a broad palette of skills. Olivia is an outstanding Butler and I would most definitely recommend her!

Client – Ilkley

I have called upon The Butler on a number of occasions now. I know I can trust that they have a great eye for detail, often spotting things that I would not have thought of or noticed.  Most recently they helped me when I moved house and set up in business.  We spent a day re-organising and de-cluttering my world making it much easier to settle into a new way of living and working.  The Butler is very good at suggesting what works in the house to help maximise potential space and I have learned a lot from her time and effort.  The Butler has been a great asset to my world and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to anyone.

 Client – Bradford