Home Staging simply means styling the home, usually with the purpose of making it more saleable.  Often we can have blind spots about the spaces in our homes which may result in presenting a less-than-optimum home to potential buyers.  Hiring a stylist as a ‘fresh-pair-of-eyes’ will invariably yield a great result for two purposes; the photographs which appear in the estate agents literature and the viewings by potential buyers.

There are three services on offer:

  • 1. Initial Consultation £130
    – Includes 2 hours at the house and expenses (fuel -approx 80 miles round trip and drive time)
    – Immediate room-by-room recommendations will be made which will be sent via email following the consult.
    – Clients can then either style rooms themselves, or have me return to style.
  • 2. Pre-Photoshoot Styling £200
    – Depending on the spaces to be styled, this is likely to be around 6 hours.
    – Includes 6 hours at the house and expenses as mentioned above.
    – Advice will be given on what measures may also be taken following the shoot when viewings with the estate agents are taking place.
  • 3. Pre-Shoot Sourcing & Procuring approx £160
    -Following an initial consult, it may be recommended that certain items be purchased to add to the various rooms to make the house more saleable such as cushions, candles, towels etc. Time for this is allocated on an hourly rate basis of £20/hour.
    -The Butler can source and purchase items to bring to the house on the day of the styling
    -or source and recommend to clients via email who can then undertake themselves.

Having worked with specialist photographers, and seen the difference in photographs gained by hiring a professional interior photographer,  would absolutely recommend hiring.

Yorkshire-based Exposure Property Marketing are excellent at what they do, you can visit their website here.

Above figures are a guideline, please get in touch for a more accurate quote.