Hi, I’m Olivia and this is where I get to come out from behind the website as it were, and share The Butler with you.

The Butler is simply the evolution of an idea I had in 2009.  It is a practical expression of everything I enjoyed doing then and still today though it has gained new expressions.  Having worked for years in the corporate service industry and as a Personal Assistant for the most part – it was the most organic progression to incorporate the elements of those roles I most enjoyed with personal passions of mine; style and creativity, home and interior design, wellbeing, hospitality… ultimately taking care of people with excellence!


I had been working with the same company for eight years; the first five years in a role that involved undertaking everything from redecorating the bosses’ home, to throwing baby showers, to organising large parties.  Though these were  things that I did outside of the regular work role hours, I loved it.

In a company re-shuffle my role shifted to working for the Business Executive of the company.  This position, though it taught me valuable new skills, demanded none of what the previous two roles did – i.e the ‘personal’ element.  A year in, this dawned on me and I suppose it’s there that The Butler was first conceived.   Realising I wasn’t finding my work fulfilling and was missing elements from the previous roles, I sat down one evening and wrote down all the elements of the job I had loved.


The idea that these ‘things’  might be services I could offer myself to other people, stuck.  There was nothing to lose.  Deciding on a name I bought The Butler domain, designed a website myself (learning as I went) and had it ‘live’ within six days.

Unable to leave full, then part-time work to be reliant upon The Butler as a sole source of income, I ran The Butler in the background as clients were sporadic.  Finally, 2014 saw The Butler become a fully-fledged business as word of mouth gained momentum and is now my job.  I am, as they say, living the dream!  I am eternally grateful to each and every client past and present because every day I wake and be The Butler…this idea is now my job!  Thank you.

~ Olivia